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World Environment Day 2015

In Spain we have the Island of El Hierro, an example of a sustainable island.

Isla del HierroAlthough El Hierro does not form part of the Small Island Developing States, it is an example of how the islands could face the environmental challenges and resolve them in a sustainable way.

This island in the Canary Islands is one of the first to run on 100% renewable energy thanks to its Hydro-wind Power Plant of Gorona del Viento, tested until recently, but which will be launched immediately.

As Gorona del Viento indicates on their website, the use of fossil fuels poses difficulties such as “the environmental impact on using fuels”, among others.

Therefore, the Hydro-wind power plant of El Hierro “will be made up of two water tanks, a wind farm, a hydroelectric power plant, a pump storage power plant and a diesel engine power plant (only used in emergencies). The logic behind its operation will be based on the supply of the electric demand of the island with renewable sources, ensuring the stability of the power grid”.

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